Happy Weekend!

Hope you have a fabulous 4th of July holiday!  I'll be MIA until well into next week since the bf is coming into town today!  To tide you over until I return, I'll be updating my tumblr upon occasion.

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Midnight in Paris

I finally saw Midnight in Paris and I don't want to give away too much, but i'd say it's definitely worth seeing.  Before I saw it, I had pretty low expectations.  I wanted to see the movie that everyone was talking about, but also was prepared to be sorely disappointed if it turned out to be a predictable rom-com with some pretty scenery and cliched vignettes of the City of Lights.  However, it's a rare treat to leave a movie feeling inspired and thoughtful, and Midnight in Paris achieves just that.  I must also confess that  I'm a sucker for the "lost generation" with Matisse being one of my favorite artists and Fitzgerald my favorite author...so take that for what you will.  What do you think...did you see it and love it or are you going to skip this recent Woody Allen flick?

Plus, see what fall movies Jo from a Cup of Jo is looking forward to this fall.


Of a Kind

I have a new favorite website...which might not be saying a lot coming from a person who has a new favorite site everyday...but seriously Of a Kind is A-W-E-S-O-M-E.  It's now my go-to place to discover new designers, and get up to date news of what's going on in the fashion industry.  Whether you are a hardcore shopper, or a blogger seeking inspiration from unheard of talent, this site has got something for everyone.  So, check it out and let me know what you think!


Look for Less

With summer officially upon us, I've been inspired by these lovely ladies when it comes to how to style shorts.  From casual to edgy, to work appropriate, these gals know how to rock 'em.  Plus, if you don't already have some shorts in tow for this summer...fear no more, here are my favorite thrifty finds from GAP, Asos, and Topshop.

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5 Steals and a Splurge

Happiest of Mondays, dear readers!  I hope you were able to find some rest and relaxation over the quick weekend...can you believe we are almost in July??  I spent Saturday at the Treasure Island Flea market (check photos here) and absolutely LOVED it!  I highly recommend it, especially to you Alameda junkies...this place is pure magic.  Sunday was super relaxing and I was able to get caught up on a few things and get organized for the week ahead.  Today's guest post is from the incredible Jennifer from I ART U...my go to blog for all things design related (not to mention, J is a FABULOUS photographer, and always has the prettiest images on her blog).  Her 5 steals and a splurge are no disappointment, per usual, I want everything she picked out!
Hi! I'm Jennifer from I ART U and I'm embracing summer to the max! Who's with me?! Here are my picks for five summer steals and a splurge. Thanks for having me KC!
1 With all the beach time, soap is a necessity. Good-smelling, handmade soap that is! Soap Sample Set of 6 by Morning Calm, $4
2 Boxed Water? No words necessary. Boxed Water is Better, click here to find a box.
3 With more free time on hand, I'm thinking handwritten letters and mini packages for friends is a must. Midori Kraft Envelopes-pack of six, $8 
4 Cool down with a gelato popsicle! Bar Gelato, find yours here.
5 Calm those sun-kissed lips with some from-the-earth lip balm. Delightful and soothing.  Organic Lip Balms-4 tubes, $22
And what's a little thrifty shopping without a splurge? I love this Asos Premium Leather Color-Block Shopper, $129

Bring it on, summertime! -J.


Let's hear it for the boys

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It's no secret every girl loves a good sale.  But guys?  Another story.  I know the longer my bf has to rummage through racks, the more beer will be consumed at the end of the day.  So, what's a guy got to do to scoop up some deals?  Head to your local premium outlets, with one thing on your mind: accessories.  They make an outfit instantly look put together, and if you buy quality, timeless pieces (within your budget), it's a sure fire way to at least look like you know what you're doing when you get dressed in the morning.  Premium outlets can be a total cluster, but it's a great way to buy designer duds that would otherwise be totally unattainable.  Plus, with accessories, there are no long lines for the dressing room, and not much browsing.  You're in and out...just in time to grab 1 beer...ok, maybe 2.


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