Midnight in Paris

I finally saw Midnight in Paris and I don't want to give away too much, but i'd say it's definitely worth seeing.  Before I saw it, I had pretty low expectations.  I wanted to see the movie that everyone was talking about, but also was prepared to be sorely disappointed if it turned out to be a predictable rom-com with some pretty scenery and cliched vignettes of the City of Lights.  However, it's a rare treat to leave a movie feeling inspired and thoughtful, and Midnight in Paris achieves just that.  I must also confess that  I'm a sucker for the "lost generation" with Matisse being one of my favorite artists and Fitzgerald my favorite author...so take that for what you will.  What do you think...did you see it and love it or are you going to skip this recent Woody Allen flick?

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  1. If you can't resist the beauty of Paris in the 20's, like us, then you have to see this movie! And of course Woody leaves us with an insightful message at the end...

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