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In January of this year, I told myself that I would not buy any clothes until July.  Everything was going great.  I was resisting temptation at every turn, repeating my goal in my mind every time I walked past a darling boutique.  On Wednesday however, I let my guard down for one second, and well, you can imagine what happened.  Granted, the clothes I bought were from Target, and my four items amounted to around $80, but needless to say, I was still ashamed of myself.  In my defense, all pieces are VERY versatile and I am so excited to wear them all.  I have included the pieces I purchased and some "looks" inspired by these pieces.  Hopefully you will be inspired too, and re-think the clothes that you currently have...instead of buying new ones!

Piece number 1: Striped Boat Neck Top

When I originally bought this piece, I had a nautical theme in mind. However, this top can also be paired with skinny cropped jeans and a blazer for a more classic look. It makes me want to eat a crepe on the Champs Elysees!

Piece number 2: Bandeau Bikini Top

Although not exactly what I purchased, this patterned bandeau top reminds me of sun, sand, and summer! Result? A St. Tropez inspired set

Piece Number 3: White Racerback Tank

White Tank
White Tank by

Originally, I picked out this versatile top for work, but I decided to put together a more whimsical set inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

Piece Number 4: Bright Patterned Tank

This patterned tank could easily be paired with a skirt for the beach, but this set shows an alternative, more sophisticated, nautical look with white linen pants.

So, for now I try again and hope that I can last until July before my next meltdown.

Happy Shopping!


  1. If it is from target, you can't feel to guilty! They are super cute, especially the boatneck nautical shirt - super cute!

  2. aww darling stuff! very jealous...!


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