The idea "Old is New" is really popular right now.  From recycled building materials to bamboo fabrics, recycled and green are definitely buzz words of the moment.  The girls at LITTER take this idea to a whole new level with their edgy body jewelry.  The girls use pieces of hardware (yep, the stuff you find at Ace Hardware) and vintage items to create works of art that can be displayed on any body type, shape or size.  Every piece is custom designed and handmade.  Although these pieces are not cheap, they inspire some great looks.  I love the juxtaposition of the edgy, hard look of a metal arm piece with a soft pastel dress.

And how adorable is this headpiece?
All images courtesy of LITTER SF's blog

Although my style is a little more classic than edgy, LITTER's products inspire me to mix and match edgier pieces with softer staples to create an interesting look.

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