Summer 2010

Memorial Day weekend is the official start to summer in my book.  To me, Memorial Day means the Santa Cruz Boardwalk is open during the weekdays, CBVA tournaments are in full swing, and it's only a hop-skip-and a jump to the 4th of July.  In order to be fully prepared for summer though, I must have the following items in tow (plus lots of SPF).

For complete list of items and prices, click on the image.  (All items shown are under $50)

10 Must-Have's for Summer

1. Floral Dress- What is there not to love about bright florals?

2. Bright Sandal- Perfect pairing with jeans, a dress, or shorts

3. White-T- Perfectly versatile

4. Light-wash Skinny Jean- Ditto

5. 3D Flower Necklace-  I can't quite jump on the 3D movie bandwagon, but 3D necklaces...sign me up!

6. Nude Pump- Great option with said floral dress above.  And I have a feeling these will be sticking around for Fall 2010 as well.

7. Aviators- Always a good choice

8. Navy Blazer- For those chilly nights on the coast

9. Polka-Dot Bathing Suit- Cheerful alternative to stripes

10. Romper- A much cuter version of the romper you wore in your 4th grade school picture.


  1. Love the choices especially the romper

  2. Gotta love the Avs, not sure I would rock anything else...Urban has taught me that I will never fit in any kind of skinny jean you speak of.


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