Jewelry woes

I am the worst at wearing jewelry.  I always go for my pearl earrings and simple gold necklace...everyday.  I am trying to make an effort to be more adventurous in the jewelry department, but I think baby steps are in order.  I'm thinking of purchasing one statement necklace and one cocktail ring for starters.  If I can successfully incorporate those items into my wardrobe, I'll expand from there.  What I need from you all, dear readers, is to help me choose.  I need to narrow down these items to one necklace and one ring.  What do you think of the following?  Any other suggestions of places to look?



Also see this topaz stone necklace and this tangled chain necklace.
(Sorry, I couldn't get the images to load properly...darn Flash!)




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  1. i like the forever 21 beaded bib necklace (i have something similar in blue, and i've received compliments EVERY time i've worn it!) and the last ring you have pictured.


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