Save Jake

Poor little Jake.  Jake the dog, pictured above, has mast cell cancer.  This form of cancer is fairly common in dogs, however, it is aggressive and can therefore be dangerous. Needless to say, Jake needs to undergo surgery and chemo in order to rid himself of the cancer.  Unfortunately, these medical procedures do not come cheap, and Jake's owner could use all the help she can get.  So, in order to pay the bills, Jake's owner started the save Jake, buy an apron campaign.  All you have to do is go to her store, pick out a fabric, send in $20, and you will get a custom, handcrafted apron!  It's that easy!  Help Jake, and get an adorable apron in return.  Here are some of my favorite patterns currently on her site:

So...save Jake, buy an apron! 


Seriously, comments make my day. So go ahead, make my day...


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