After a wonderful weekend with the bf and his family, I am now back to the grind.  Hoping this week will go by quickly since I have an exciting weekend planned with wonderful friends!  For now, back to work and I promise to have something more interesting to share tomorrow.  I'm still pretty spent from my get-away.
went on a lovely bike ride on Saturday

and went boating down the Might Miss

birthday party on Sunday
worst part of the trip is unpacking...

got to see SATC2 with a friend upon my return...I could die for Carrie and Big's living room

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!  What were you all up to?  Any specific requests for posts this week?  I have some tricks up my sleeve yet, but I would love to hear from you!  What would YOU like to read about?


  1. Your weekend sounds wonderful. I'm yet to see Carrie and Big's place but the blog world has me yearning to go.

  2. glad you had fun in the midwest!
    i adore carrie and big's place! to die.

  3. glad to see you back on the blog circuit, beebs! hope you get to enjoy your new place!


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