Cocktail dress + flats

I recently received an email from the lovely Bridget from Bee Lux  (please check out her adorable blog for all things beautiful).  Beebs had a fashion conundrum and needed a dress for a CASUAL summer wedding.  She knew she needed to wear flats, and her dress needed to be thrifty.  My old standby is Forever 21, and Anthropologie (on sale...of course!), but I suggested Bridget check out Macy's online.  I am not a huge fan of Macy's due to their overstuffed racks and lack of customer service, but their online selection is AMAZING...not to mention super inexpensive.  I recently scored a Rachel Roy dress for $27!  Here are some of my favorites that are currently online now:

$67.99 Rachel Roy dress. Found here
$59.99 Rachel Roy dress. Found here
$54.99 BCBG dress. Found here

$48.99 Free People dress.  Found here

I am also LOVING the store Ruche.  If I could, I would post EVERYTHING from this store...you will just have to check it out for yourself.

Wouldn't this dress be adorable with black flats?  Not to mention it only costs $49.99.  Found here.

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  1. ah, thanks doll! still deciding what to do since i love all your ideas! :)


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