Alameda Recap

The Alameda Point Antiques and Collectibles Faire (or "The Alameda" as regulars refer to it) was a HUGE success!  Along with the random and hilarious, we were able to find chic and affordable finds for the home and the wardrobe.

Here are a few shots of the random and hilarious (photos courtesy of Kelley L Cox)

There were tons of jewelry vendors as well.  Some vendors sold only vintage items, while others sold their own creations.

Some of my favorite home decor pieces were the tribal masks and figurines.
One of my favorite vendors was selling old New York Times papers from the 1920s and 1930s.  They were in pristine condition and would be the perfect gift for a history buff.

Here are Kelley and I with our finds!  I found a great chalkboard for my kitchen for $20.  Other vendors were selling smaller chalkboards for $60.  I felt pretty good with my find, and people even asked me where I made my purchase!  Kelley however, stole the show with her velvet Elvis painting.  I had not even heard of velvet paintings until I met Kelley, but she bartered her way to a perfect flea market purchase.
If you are planning on attending the next flea Alameda flea market (September 5th), here are some tips so you can learn from my mistakes.
1.  Remember where you park.  As you can see in the picture of Kelley and I, there are rows and rows and more rows of parked cars.  It's easy to forget where you left your car.
2.  Remember where your favorite vendors are.  We spent quite some time retracing our steps and trying to remember where we saw our favorite items.
3.  Go in with a list.  You will be wandering aimlessly if you have no idea what you want to purchase, and the whole thing can seem REALLY overwhelming.  If you begin with a narrow search (like jewelry, or garden decor, or whatever) the market will seem a lot more manageable.

All in all, the flea market was AMAZING!

I will definitely try to make it to next month's...so let me know if you want to join in on the fun!


  1. cuuute!! i need to find a good flea market here in pdx.

  2. Love the blog! And great tips! We will have to go again now that we are experts of the "The Alameda" =)

  3. i love that chalkboard! what a great find!

  4. Thanks ya'll!

    Beebs- I definitely miss the pdx Sat Market down at the water, but I'm not sure if I know of a vintage/antique flea market. I'll let ya know if I hear of anything!

    Kell- It was sooo fun! We'll have to go back soon!

    Kim- You definitely need to come next time! I bet you would find some awesome decor for the wedding too ;)

  5. also a BIG fan of chalkboards...my parents have one in their kitchen which they use to write what blend of coffee they happen to be roasting, like a coffeehouse would. so adorable. i've always wanted to make my own using antique frames that i find.


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