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I found these amazing before and after shots on Design*Sponge yesterday and had to share.  The above image is the "before" shot.  Not too bad though, right?  I mean it's a little boring, but nothing hideous.  The mirror behind the sofa creates the illusion of space and the floors are beautiful.  But wait until you see the after...

It looks like a whole new apartment!!!  I love the color palette, especially the lime green behind the shelves in the built-in (which by the way, is a super inexpensive way to liven up the space).  If you don't have the budget to get all new decor, getting a rug, and replacing window furnishings is a great place to start.  See how the curtains add a level of sophistication?  When I liven up a space with hints of color, instead of one big statement piece (like the lime green sofa), I typically use tints and shades of the same color.  A hint of green, a hint of orange, and a hint of yellow with neutral sofas and chairs does not have the same effect as one color accent (in varying shades to create visual interest) accompanying dominating neutrals.  Here are some additional before and after shots from the same update.

Some of my favorite tips to keep in mind when decorating (or re-decorating) a space, get the full list here.

1.  The best interiors are a harmonious marriage between architecture and interior design so spend time in an empty apartment or house before you decorate it.

2. The most successful rooms defy categorization. They're allergic to design templates because they reflect their owner's individuality and life experiences.

3.  Rooms that stay relentlessly true to one particular style or period (even, dare I say it, mid-20th century modern!) are predictable.

4. A coat or two of paint is the least expensive and quickest way to transform an interior.

5. The best rooms never take themselves too seriously

Happy Friday!  

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