Summer to Fall

With all of this flip flop of weather, I can't decide if I want to wear fall or summer clothes.  Here are some ideas of how to transition fall pieces for warm days, and summer pieces for when the air gets crisp.

Idea #1:  Pick a wardrobe staple and accessorize it according to the weather.  The shirt-dress is a classic example of a versatile piece that fits any type of weather.  For warmer days, pair it with nude pumps and a light cardigan; and for fall, pair it with boots and a blazer.

Idea #2:  Liven up your fall clothing with bright summer pieces.  It might still be too warm to wear those new army green pants you just bought with a turtleneck and booties, but it's the perfect weather to pair them with your favorite summery tank. Plus, no one likes a Negative Nancy, so I love to wear happy, bright tops with darker bottoms anyways.

What are your wardrobe staples that you wear regardless of the season?

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