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I consider myself a pretty good traveler.  After four years of traveling every other weekend for collegiate volleyball, and now traveling around once a month across country to visit my bf, I've got the airport thing down.  I have my shoes off, laptop out, boarding pass in hand within 5 seconds of grabbing my plastic bin.  I always try to print my boarding pass ahead of time, and never check any bags (yes, saving an extra $20 is worth the shoulder pain from running around an airport with my carry-on, trying to catch my next flight).  However, I came across these fantastic money saving travel tips and thought they were worth sharing. 

1. Use craigslist-  Instead of renting a bike for $20/day when you go some place new, buy one for $20 on craigslist, and sell it or donate it once you leave.  Craigslist also posts great rental houses for a week or so at a time, at cheaper rates than a rental agency.

2.  Share costs-  When traveling with friends, split an entree or share a room to save some extra money.

3.  Fly mid-week-  Not always easy to do, but for those international (or other expensive flights) it's definitely worth it.

4.  Eating out is cheaper at lunchtime-  Lunch menus are often cheaper than dinner menus, and typically have the same meals

5.  Don't use a taxi-  Instead check out this site for ways to get around just about any city.

Now I am off for a girls weekend in NOLA! I am so excited to see the lovely ladies from Monteith Ave.  Let the party begin!

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