Bleed Orange and Black

The bay is electric as young and old, hipsters and nerds, east bay and the peninsula unite to cheer on the boys of summer into the end of October.  Chances are if you have a pulse and at one time lived in the greater bay area, you have been wearing orange and black this week for more reasons than Halloween fast approaching.  Which reminds me, this Sunday is not only game 4 of the World Series, but also Halloween!  For those of you last minute planners, I have conjured up some ideas to get you in the spirit (and no, none of them involve a beard, long hair, or a panda hat). 

How cute is this look on polyvore inspired by the Morton Salt Girl?

For you lazy ladies, you could always dress up as my favorite funny woman, Liz Lemon.  All you need is a collared shirt, cardigan and some glasses.  Don't forget the awkward jokes...

And for those of you seeking comfort, why not throw on a uni-colored track suit and be our favorite cheerleading coach, Sue Sylvester.


Sue by kcfox featuring leather trainers

I'm also in love with these ideas from American Apparel (image 1, 2, 3, 4).
Happy Halloween!

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