animal heads

Last night I attended the Anthology Magazine launch party at West Elm.  The event was chock full of glamorous designers and bloggers, and I was thrilled to be able to rub elbows with some of the brilliant bloggers I follow daily.  As my friend Kelley said, "It's like we are at the most fabulous house party, but you get to take a piece of the party home with you!"  We walked away with some free goodies, and I picked up a design book I have been eyeing for some time.

West Elm did a fabulous job putting on the event, with whimsical displays and an open bar, I was brimming with ideas for my New Years party.  This paper deer head caught my eye in particular.  What a brilliant way to add a new twist to a traditional decor piece.
Other notable faux heads from around the web...

So thankful for the opportunity to meet some fellow bloggers in the flesh, and soak in all the wonderful and inspiring imagery.  I'm heading into the weekend more inspired than ever as I tackle my first ever "Before and After" photo-shoot and styling.  Stay turned for the post next week!

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Now I can't wait for my New Year's Eve Party invite!

  2. Ha! It may not consist of multiple fabrics (a la Molly Mac) but you won't be disappointed :)

  3. Ha! I see my parent's stuffed-animal head didn't make the cut.

    Thanks for letting me join in on your fabulous life =)


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