Forget bridezillas, my name is KC, and I am an organizilla.  The first step to a cure is admitting you have a problem, right?  My OCD often gets the best of me and organizing becomes my favorite form of procrastination.  These photos make me want to drop everything and organize to my heart's content, but I'll wait until this weekend, or maybe tonight...
The perfect linen closet.  I love the wicker baskets mixed in with the warm tones of freshly washed towels.  I would love to be a house guest here. (image)
If you are a fan of buying in bulk, this is a great way to display your goods while still adding a chic display to your home. (image)  
Even entryways can be organized with benches and baskets.  I love the colorful vases for a pop of color at the top as well. (image)
This home office may appear cluttered, but everything appears to have a place.  Plus, I love the elevated cubbies with homemade labels.  Who needs a junk drawer when you can have 30 (with labels) (image)

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  1. I'm with you I LOVE ORGANIZATION. Love it. If everything were perfectly in its place with labels, all would be right in this world.


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