Get a Head Photo

photos via Kelley L Cox.  See the full set here.
If you are friends with me in real life, as in facebook friends (well, guess that's not really real life either), you will have noticed that I have a nice, new profile pic.  To clear things up, NO, I did not get glamor shots done at the mall.  NO, I am not delusional and think I have a career in modeling.  And NO, those red pants were not a gift, I actually love them.  My friend Kelley is a fabulous photographer and is launching a new business taking head shots for corporations, individuals, and anyone and everyone in need for some personal branding.  I felt like I was in need of some new photos for my blog and other social media outlets and was her first guinea pig!  Her company Get a Head Photo is offering a great promotion for Thrifty Gal readers.  You like what you see? Send Kelley an email (mention you are a Thrifty Gal reader) and she will offer a personalized photo shoot for $50 at your location choice and $250 for an office/group (<12 employees).  Kelley is wonderful to work with and has a very special talent of capturing a person's personality in a simple shot.  So hit her up and get some photos! 

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