technicolor christmas

When I was younger, I remember hating the multi-colored lights on our family tree.  I wanted white lights and ornaments featuring a carefully selected accent color (preferably gold).  While my minimalistic ways often get the best of me when it comes to home decor, I've learned to embrace the multi-colored lights that my mother so adamantly deemed as "happy." They remind me of childhood Christmases, of shaking presents with my brother, reluctantly picking up pine needles, and claymation Christmas specials (Santa Claus is Comin' to Town, anyone?).  I think I'll have to agree with my mama on this one, these technicolor inspired photos are in fact HAPPY.


  1. I love the new homepage banner! And multicolor Christmas trees are happy- almost as happy as the chocolate-a-day Advent calendars!

  2. Love these colors. I wanted to spray pant my Tree this year but I got lazy lol bla


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