V-day wishlist

Subtle?  I think not.  Looking for something for your man-friend?  May I suggest one of these?

Valentine's Day gifting is all about showing your love for that special someone, so sometimes a homemade present is nice.  But let's be real, who WOULDN'T want one of these fabulous gifts.  It's the perfect occasion for the "just because I love you" gift.  Something silly, whimsical, glamorous, and fun.  Obviously nothing that is NEEDED. That just wouldn't make sense.


  1. Loving the heart shaped measuring cups and the Scotch nail polishes have been also on my wishlist since I first found out about them.


  2. I know! It was so hard for me to decide which Scotch nail polish to pick! I also am loving the navy and gray colors too!

  3. I love love that clutch, but so sad it is sold out! bummer! great collection of goodies!


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