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The lovely Beebs from Bee Lux sent me an email last week wondering if I knew of any chic, affordable gym bags.  While I swear by my trusty Zara duffle, there is no way for me to find a link because (1) Zara has yet to join the 20th century and offer its clothing online and (2) I bought it two summers ago while traipsing through Europe presumably to carry all of my other purchases from Zara (who was I kidding, thinking that I could travel for 2 months with nothing but a backpack?) So, here is the result of what I could find.
| 1. Jane Marvel Metro Tote $75 | 2. Puma Duffel $80 | 3. City Bag $89 | 4. BDG Duffle Bag $48 | 5. Canvas Overnight Bag $36.50 |

I think the J. Crew Overnight Bag is my personal favorite.  But for those of you who love to be organized, maybe the Title 9 utility bag is a better buy.  Any suggestions for a gym bag for Beebs?

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  1. love the jcrew one too! i have found some cute ones at Gap before...or Nike and Lululemon!



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