5 steals and a splurge

So...I'm super excited to launch a new Monday Feature: "5 steals and a splurge."  (Don't worry, you'll still get your fix of inspirational quotes as well...those will just come later in the day.)  Each Monday a new blogger is going to feature their 5 favorite thrifty finds, and 1 splurge-worthy item.  The point?  To inspire you all and prove that you don't need to bring in the big bucks to have killer personal style.  So without further ado, I thought I would kick things off with my own "5 steals and a splurge!"

Monogrammed Anthropologie Mugs: Perfect for a piping hot cup of cocoa, or for holding pencils at your desk, no home is complete without them.  I have the "K" and the "C"...how fitting. ($6.00 ea)

Scotch Nail Polish (in Hot Toddy): My mama got me a set of 3 colors for Valentine's Day and I am hooked on them!  No harsh chemicals, and they seriously make your nails MORE healthy. ($14.99 ea)

The Cave-Mumford and Sons: For only $0.99 on iTunes, these boys will titillate your soul with their haunting vocals and pagan beats.  Can't get enough of 'em. ($0.99)

Braided Belt: Timeless and appropriate for every season, a brown braided belt is a must-have for any wardrobe. ($45.00)

Maybelline Stiletto Liquid Liner: My go-to gal for makeup blogged about this product ages ago, and I finally got around to buying it in Brownish Black (the blackest black was too harsh for a fair lady like myself).  For a makeup klutz like me, this stuff is sent from the gods, no smudge, no wobbly lines, it's seriously fool proof. ($5.99)

SPLURGE: Le Creuset Cookware:  My foodie friend got me the Mini Cocottes for my birthday, and my bf followed suit and got me a starter set for Christmas this year.  Such a fabulous investment, I swear it makes everything taste better. (prices range)

Stay tuned until next week for Kim's 5 steals and a splurge!


  1. Love this series! I own the monogram mug in T of course ;) and incredibly jealous of your Le Creuset. I'm dying for a colorful dutch oven!

  2. I have a Le Creuset in cobalt blue. I keep it on display when not in use--love it.

  3. Great idea for a new feature! Can't wait to see it each week.

    I love those mugs, too cute!

  4. I have the K... from you!! Thanks =)


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