There's a new online shelter magazine on the block and I am officially smitten.  Now, joining the ranks of Ivy & Piper, Adore, Lonny, Rue, High Gloss, and Matchbook, comes Est, an Australian publication I discovered on Claire's lovely blog.  Think Scandinavian design meets the Outback.  Yep, I'm officially in love.  And seriously, I'm never going to buy another glossy again.  With the quality of online publications these days, why waste the money and trees?  

Images via Est 


  1. I'm loving the lobster picture. Makes me want to go to a clambake.

    - Sarah

  2. Ohhh....lovely! And I agree with you - I haven't bought an actual magazine in months now!

  3. Love it! I still buy the glossys but I find they are building up in a pile as I never get time to read them - it's so much easier to flip through the online ones!

  4. I swear I'm gonna have to take a few days off from blogging just to spend some quality time with my ipad and these wonderful online mags! Thanks for introducing EST... I love scandinavian design so I'm pretty sure this will soon become one of my favorites.


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