THE hat

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I'm been crushing over this picture for quite some time now.  Am I ridiculous for thinking I can pull off this look?  I've always loved hats.  I don't wear them nearly as often as I'd like to though.  Probably because I only own like 2 (my North Face beanie and my Fedora....so extensive, I know).  But part of me wants to be adventurous and try one of these little beauties.  Do you think it's too Indiana Jones?  Or just plain "trying too hard to look like you AREN'T trying too hard"...you know?  (That didn't even make sense to me.)  Let me know your thoughts, and what you would pair with this noggin topper.
| one $54 | two $32 | three $36 | four $45 | 

Confession: While I was putting this post together, I was thinking to myself "Gosh, that blond model looks soooo familiar.  Where do I know her from?  Does she look like some actress or something?"  But then I thought, "Oh wait, no, I've just been spending too much time on Asos.  That's how I know her."  Awk-ward.


  1. Haha, that is so funny! Asos = daily window shopping ;)
    I love the hats you chose, I am obsessed with hats! They are so fun and perfect for bad hair days ;)

  2. I'm not a hat person personally, but I admire girls that can pull off the look.

  3. hahaha. love asos. that's so funny! i think you could totally pull a hat like that off!

    stop the water while using me products will be available sometime this year--they haven't released a specific date! hopefully soon though... :)

    have a good day kristen!

  4. Crushing on that picture (and hat!) too!


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