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I'm not a lipstick person.  I bought my first lipstick last December, determined to have a bright red lip for the holidays.  It was not a complete catastrophe mildly successful, so I decided to enlist in the help of a "professional."  Enter, Beebs.  My go-to-gal for all things beauty.  I knew my next investment was going to be a nude color (much more versatile and fool proof for a newbie like me).  She recommended the above products, and I knew they would all be winners.  I went with the NARS, since my red lipstick was the same brand, and am totally happy with my purchase.  Check out her blog for more beauty fixes (she's totally a thrifty gal at heart) and her tumblr for inspiring images. 


  1. I'm definitely not a lipstick person either, but these nude shades look pretty promising! I'll have to check out the NARS one.

  2. I love all these nude shades (I am a lipstick ADDICT, especially for NARS)

    I am SO happy for your and your bf LA life! I e-mailed my bf about all the success stories I've heard from my post of ldr's. Sometimes it can get so hard, it's nice to be reminded it can and HAS worked out for so many people ;)

  3. I'm in the market for a new nars! I'll have to try out belle du jour on my hunt for a perfect peach :)


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