sssh...it's a secret

So, I finally got around to watching Secrets From a Stylist with the ADORABLE Emily Henderson.  (The show is on HGTV on Saturday nights at 9pm, and those are images of rooms she has styled).  Not only is Emily hilarious and talented, but she breaks down her design process so anyone can follow along and imitate.  Using the concept of "layering," Emily creates interiors that are textured and rich, full of life, and a perfect reflection of the homeowners.  In just one episode I learned how to incorporate different design periods and styles into a cohesive looking room.  Seriously, this girl is a GENIUS.  And if this wasn't enough to get you hooked, Joy from oh joy! is getting an overhaul on her living room this Saturday!

images via hgtv 


  1. is she the winner of design star? SUCH a cutie! and soo so talented!

  2. i'm realllllly loving her show!! can't wait to see joy's home--anticipation to the max!

  3. omg. thank you sooooo much for this. seriously nice to hear.

  4. emily is awesome! oh, and my episode got switched to next saturday march 19th! - joy

  5. love, love, love her show too! i feel like i need to watch this show with a notebook in my hand because she's got so many great tips! so very excited to see joy's episode too. :)


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