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This week's "I {HEART} This" is Easter inspired!  Hooray for the end of Lent!   After yesterday's post, I'm even more ready to stuff my face with sugary NOMs come Sunday.  This Easter inspired roundup is not for the week of heart.  Nope.  I'm talkin' bright colors (there's something unsettling to me about eggs in shades of mint green, robins egg blue, and pale yellow...I think it conjures images of a gender confused baby shower...), as I was saying...bright colors, geometric prints and bohemian bangles.  This is one Easter basket I wouldn't mind receiving. I'm headed home to Santa Cruz for the weekend for my brother's bday and am excited to decompress by the beach.  Any of you have plans for Easter?


  1. Hoping the Easter bunny fills my basket with those bangles :) I have yet to try to a macaroon, perhaps that will be on the top of my to do list for the weekend. Beautiful blog, thanks for sharing!

  2. Macaroons are to die for! Now I'll be craving them all day...Oh and that geometric iPhone case would have been perfect for my geometric lust list that I did earlier this week. Very cute!

  3. oh man! what a great collection! i've wanted that iphone case for a long time!! that clutch is to die for and now i'm really craving macarons! ah!

  4. I keep seeing that blue clutch all over the place - I want it so bad! What a great shade of blue.

  5. that clutch has my heart! and those yummy dessert pictures on your previous post just made me salviate. a lot. I hope you overloaded on sugar major time on Sunday! must have been glorious!

  6. Hot pink and orange rocks. Great images...following ;) xx


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