Old is new

Confession:  See that arrow at the top of this drawing? Ya, that basic little black arrow pointing at that beautiful frame?  It probably took me about 45 min.  Yep, 45 frickin' minutes.  I may be Photoshopped challenged for now, but in no time at all I bet I'll be able to add other basic images (maybe I'll get crazy and add a star one of these days) in under an episode of Modern Family. A girl needs goals, right?  However, please note that stellar shading job I did (or hopefully I did such an outstanding job I'll be freelancing as an airbrush artist for the stars??)...I ended up having to "clone" and re-shade all around that cursed little arrow in a trial and error method for all of 45 min.

Enough of my Photoshop rant, and back to this awesome Old is New with a painted vintage frame and some sturdy twigs.  I think a wide range of variations could easily be adopted, including wooden dowels, decorative nails, etc, but this image is great inspiration for creating a gorgeous way to display your jewels. 


  1. love it. always wanted to take an old frame and make a pin board out of it. now i just need to find a place that sells vintage frames...

  2. Check your local flea market! There are some awesome ones in LA...I can't wait to check em out!

  3. Great job on the arrow! I'm still trying to learn how to do that! Check out this awesome pencil, you'll love it: http://www.etsy.com/listing/67021940/f-ck-photoshop-the-pencil-for-the-purist

    Love the vintage frame and the twigs!

  4. nice blog! and thanks for your comment on mine. This frame with branches is super cute, I did a similar thing here:



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