Etsy Wishlist

I haven't done an Etsy post in quite a while, and thought I would share some favorite prints paired with my favorite color blocking for the summer.  I am loving these mixed media prints by Brandi Strickland.  These are just some of my fave prints, but you should totally check out her shop, the woman's got mad talent.  Think whimsical meets phsycedelic meets your 4th grade doodles.  I'm in love.

Fashion images: 1 via Zara 2 Lucy Laucht via 3 via Pinterest


  1. These mixed media prints are awesome!! Great post :)

  2. Oh - orange and pink together = perfection. Such great stuff!

  3. looooove brandi's work! you might really like amy kligman as well - similar in subject matter & the lovely brights.

    great pairings here! ox


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