So my poor little pooch got skunked last night. It's tragic.  Even now, miles away from her, I swear I can still smell that god awful stench.  Bleh!  To take me to my happy place, I'm trying to think of summer scents...of citrus and spice and the sea.  Do you any of you have a favorite scent for the summer?  I'm on the market for something new...I'm thinking something not too girly, and extra fresh. Thoughts?

image via luxe + lilies via Pinterest


  1. ewwwwwww. hoping your pooch a speedy . . . recovery! happy weekend!

  2. Oh nooo!! I am so suprised Tucker has never been sprayed - I am literally knocking on wood! I don't have any new scents to share, but one of myold favorites is daisy by marc jacobs... yum!


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