Just like all of you (nod your head in agreement so I feel better about myself), I subscribe to nearly half a dozen deal sites that entice me daily with bigger discounts than a JC Penny's going out of business.  Usually I can resist temptation and ooh and aah at the lovely merchandise, and then proceed about my day.  But every once in awhile, something piques my interest and I just can't let it go.  I usually go to my bf to get a second opinion, and usually he says just the right thing to talk me out of my blinding consumerism and keep on the straight and narrow of my budget.  Yesterday though, I sent him the Daily Deal on HauteLook, and what did he do?  He bought it up...just like that!  (Only after asking me if I was a size 12...say whaaaaaaaat?...and to clear things up, no, I am not a size 12.)  Plus these lovely ladies are the perfect inspiration for what to pair them with this summer.  So now, with perfect summer heel in tow, I am ready for anything, and have satiated my consumer ways for at least another month.

Image 1 via apartment 34, 2 and 3 via all the pretty birds, 4 via refinery29


  1. Aw, how sweet of him! It's a really versatile spring/summer shoe!

  2. I love HauteLook... and I laughed out loud at work when I saw that your boyfriend thought you were a Size 12. Too funny!

  3. oh Marina...it was the most ridiculous text ever! haha! i told him i was only mildly offended ;)

  4. Love the shoes! And yes, I too subscribe to a million deal sites! Great blog.

  5. you just read my mind... i'm on the hunt for new shoes too and i'm gonna go check out HauteLook. (i really need some heels.) thanks for the tip!

    p.s. - you bf is too funny! and sweet! :)

  6. hey, thanks for stopping by my blog! thought I would return the favor ;) your boyfriend is soo sweet to snag these pretty little shoes for you! I REALLY love the shoes in the second picture, maybe I'll have to speak to my own boyfriend out them haha :)

  7. So sweet of him! He must know that the best way to a woman's heart is through shoes ;)

    Love your blog! I'm your newest follower!


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