LA Hotspots

I'm back from an awesome trip to LA, and totally inspired about checking out new and exciting things to do in the City of Angels.  (If you are curious where we went and what we did, check my twitter for some ridiculous pics.)  All morning I've been compiling lists and lists of the best places to shop, eat, and chill in the LA area from my favorite LA based bloggers: Emily, Bri, Joy, and Jessie.  Sometime on Friday I'll be launching the new page with all kinds of exciting links and maps, so you can find just what you want to do in just the right 'hood.  Fill me in on your favorite LA places to be in included as well!
Image via My Cup of Te

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  1. I was just in LA!! We missed eachother... can't wait to read your tour guide as I want to plan a trip back down there soon. ;)


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