To splurge or Not to splurge

I could easily drop $300 everytime I go into Sephora.  I'm like a kid in a candy shop eyeing all of the beautiful displays and sparkling merchandise.  Those black and white strips beckon me as a chic symbol of what lies within, but afterward seem more appropriately associated with a prison sentence when I get  my credit card bill.
So...as an alternative to going bankrupt thanks to my obsession with vanity, I mix and match cheap finds with luxury pieces to create my make-up collection.

The following items I allow myself to splurge on...see a trend?
Love this moisturizer/foundation.  Not too greasy, plus it has an SPF of 30!
Perfect before-bed moisturizer with a wonderful calming scent.
My most favorite exfoliator.  Not too harsh, and doesn't dry out your skin.

If it goes directly on my face, I am willing to dish out the extra cash to keep my skin healthy.

Here is what I typically do NOT splurge on...(all items can be found at walgreens, cvs, etc.)
I'm a sucker for marketing, and have convinced myself that the extra length is from the "white" side of this mascara

Surprisingly effective, for an even more surprising price!

What about you all?  What do you allow yourself to splurge on in the beauty department?

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