Home again, home again.

I just returned Sunday night after a whirlwind tour in Portland seeing friends.  
It was so wonderful to be back in the Pacific Northwest, I really miss so many things about Portland.  
While I was there, I did some shopping and picked up 6 of these plates on sale at Anthropologie.
Anthropologie is not known for their cheap decor, however these plates where only $7.95 each, 
sturdy, microwave and dishwasher safe.  Plus, they were on my list for 30 days.  I am trying a new 
technique to save money, where if I want something, I write it down, and if after 30 days, I still want it, 
then I go and buy it.  So far, many items have not made it to the 30 day mark, and I have saved loads of money.  It's a simple trick, but it works for me.

Here is what is currently on my 30 day list:
I cannot wait to read this book cover to cover.  It has so many beautiful and inspiring ideas.

I have been dying to get a French Oven from Le Creuset

And this oven-proof skillet also from Le Creuset.  All items can be purchased in almost any bright color imaginable!

That's all for now, we'll see what new items make it on my list next!  
Do you have any helpful tricks to cut down spending?

Happy Savings!

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