Bright Eyes

Man was I dragging yesterday morning.  After sleeping in until almost 11am on both Saturday and Sunday, 7am yesterday morning was quite the shocker.  However, thanks to these makeup tips, I was able to fool everyone!  Here are some helpful tips on disguising those tired eyes...

1.  Intensify your eye color by lining the base of your upper lashes.  My old standby is this NARS liner in a deep brown.
2.  Dab a light colored (white/beige/champagne) shimmery shadow on the inner corners of your eye and brow bone (it's probably ok to use a more thrifty product like the following from wet n wild).

I use this amazing product by LORAC.  One side is a concealer, the other side is a shimmery goo that is great as a highlight to eyes and cheekbones. 
3.  Crimp lashes with a tool and apply 2 coats of black mascara.

Happy Tuesday!

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