Googlie Googlie

Think you know how to use Google?  Think again.  I found some pretty helpful tips about how to optimize my searches and thought I would share...

Things you can search directly in the Google search field
1.  Calculations- this might be more exciting for nerds like me...but all you have to do is type in .2*84 to determine how much you will save on that $84 dress that is now 20% off!
2. Convert Measurements- how many feet in a mile? type in "feet in mile" and get the conversion right away
3. Track Flights-just type in the airline and flight number to see if your next flight is going to be on-time
4. Locate Packages- all you have to do is enter "track" plus the tracking number of your package to see when it's going to arrive.
5. Look up addresses- if you know the phone number of the location you are trying to find, type it in the search bar to find the mailing address
6. Find a movie- "movies" + zip code...easy as that!
7. Listen to songs- I still prefer Pandora, but if you have a specific song you want, this is the quickest way to find it.

Other helpful tips...

To find a product you saw online, but can't remember where-
USE: intitle:
EXAMPLE: intitle:"Tory Burch flats"
..."intitle" essentially means "in the title."  By typing this with your search, Google searches the title bar of web pages (remember the colon after intitle, and no space before the quotation marks)

To narrow your search-
USE: - (minus sign)
EXAMPLE: jaguar -cars -football
if you want to search jaguar the animal, not the car or the football team

To find a verbatim phase-
USE: quotation marks

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