I'm sure for most of you Hulu is not new news...but since I refuse to pay for cable (I have a theory that Comcast is trying to take over the world), I use Hulu as my main source of entertainment.  It's a free website, however, I have heard rumors that sometime this year they will start charging (darn it).  Here is what I am currently watching on Hulu...and obviously think you should too.

Comedy- The Office & 30 Rock

Unfortunately, I miss Thursday night TV thanks to my GMAT prep class.  But I never miss a beat with these quirky shows thanks to Hulu.  I've been watching The Office since high school, and have yet to watch a season I didn't love.  As for 30 Rock, I love everything Tina Fey works on, so naturally it has made it onto my Hulu lineup.
Musical- Glee (is there anything else?)
Originally, I was reluctant to jump on the Glee bandwagon.  But I am sooooo glad I did!  This show has everything from witty lines to dazzling musical numbers.  Jane Lynch as the sinister Sue Sylvester is reason enough to watch the show.  (Not to mention Emma Pillsbury's wardrobe...see the following blog if you are as obsessed as I am)
Family- Modern Family & Parenthood

Both of these shows depict the ups and downs of family dynamics, however the delivery of each show is very different.  Modern Family is a hilarious show full of awkward moments and lovable characters.  Parenthood is a little more dramatic, but I felt an instant connection to the characters and setting (it's set in Berkeley!).  I highly recommend both of these gems.
Reality- Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution
Last, but certainly not least is Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution.  Who can resist Jamie's adorable accent and pertinent crusade?  Watch as he transforms the most "unhealthy town in America" and chances are he will transform you too.

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