It's almost the weekend and I am so excited to enjoy this beautiful weather in lovely Napa with my even more lovely bf.  Trying to tackle Napa on a budget is tricky, but I think we will do a pretty good job.  Here are some ways we plan on saving this weekend:

Bring a picnic- Packing turkey sandwiches, crackers, brie, and of course grapes!
Touring 1 or 2 wineries- Checking out some wineries with tasting fees of only $5/each...plus a shout out to Brutocao Wineries...hoping to make it up to Hopland as well!
Window shop- I'm excited to check out the new downtown area at the river
Cheap and Tasty Dinner-Napa is known for its exquisite cuisine, but I don't plan on paying an arm and a leg to experience it.  Maybe we will try ZuZu for some tapas!


  1. Jealous. I want to go to Napa! have fun!

  2. Wish you were here too! We should definitely plan a girls weekend there sometime.


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