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Apparently people are experiencing extreme heat EVERYWHERE except the SF Bay.  Boo.  But, it's FRIDAY!  And in honor of the end of the work week, here are some delicious summer drinks that are sure to cool you off, or at least help you unwind.  Who am I kidding, I want to try all of these this weekend...
  1. Watermelon Martini- Recipe here
  2. Mojito- 
    1. Add mint leaves, 2oz of lime juice, 1 teaspoon of powdered sugar to the bottom of your glass (it's ok to do this in a separate bowl first, and then transfer contents to a glass)
    2. Gently mash it up
    3. Add ice
    4. Add half part white rum, half part club soda
    5. Garnish with mint leaf
  3. Champagne- always good with a splash of fruit juice
  4. Sangria- Super easy recipe here
  5. Vodka soda with a splash of fresh squeezed fruit
Happy Friday!

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