Fall 2010: Knee Highs

Fall Trend #3 is knee highs.  I am loving this cozy trend of knee high stockings.  A great alternative to tights and boots, knee highs are warm and cute.  Does anyone know if these stocking/socks actually stay up though?  I can't image how annoying it would be to be constantly pulling up those things.

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  1. I actually bought some tall socks 2 years ago from target. I bought them when i was in portland to wear under pants for warmth and they do tend to slip down. I found if you buy the thigh high ones they end up being above the knee and the above the knee ones end up being knee highs. Could just be target or the fact I was wearing pants over them. Don't think I have the guts to wear them fashionably ;)

  2. Thanks for letting me know! I want to get a pair (H&M has 'em too), but am a little concerned they will turn into leg warmers by the end of the day.

  3. i LOVE this look... i am totally buying a pair for fall!


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