I never know what to do with my hair in the mornings.  When all else fails, I slap on a headband and call it good, or braid my hair in a loose side braid.  But sometimes I want to get creative, but am not sure how.  I found this quick and chic look and am dying to try it. 
It king of reminds me of the Topsy Turvy (does anyone know what I'm talking about...that red plastic loop that you would stick in your ponytail and pull your hair through).  Here's how to get the look:
1.  Start by using a volumizing cream and dry shampoo to create a matte texture
2.  Backcomb the hair at the top of the head, then separate into top and bottom sections in back.
3.  Secure the top section loosely with a ponytail holder, then divide the bottom into two sections.
4.  Twist the right section around the ponytail (over to the left side) and secure with bobby pins, then twist the left bottom section over the ponytail and secure with bobby-pins.
5.  Finish with hairspray. For extra volume, tease both left and right bottom sections before twisting and pinning.

I am anxious to try this out.  Hopefully it doesn't look like a rat's nest, and actually holds. Have any quick and dirty hair-do's that are your go-to's?


  1. I wish my hair was long enough to do that! I've been growing it out for two years after a short style, and it's still only just below my shoulders.

    When I need a quick style, I will put my hair in a quick bun and wrap it with Avon's fake-hair tie to make it look like a messy bun. Or, when my hair is dirty, I put it in a side ponytail or pigtails and curl the bottom. Very little effort for a cute look!

    PS I love your blog... just found it today!

  2. I have been growing my hair out for the past couple of years, so I share your pain, sister! Thanks for the tips and for checking out my blog!


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