Mission Accomplished?

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Well, as of Wednesday, Fall has officially arrived.  With only one more Fall Fashion installment to post, hopefully you all feel adequately prepared for autumn.  Summer seems to have flown by, and I haven't checked my summer to-do list in quite awhile.  Let's see how I did, shall we?
1.  Take the GMAT (yes)
2.  Move apartments (yes)
3.  Attend the Alameda Flea Market (yes)
4.  Attend a Free Concert in Stern Grove (no)
5.  Go to the Oregon District (no)
6.  Eat at Bakesale Betty (no)
7.  Impressionist Exhibit at the De Young (yes)

Slightly over 50%...not great, but I have plans to go to the Oregon District in October, and Bakesale Betty is open year round, so there is hope for me yet!

And for my reading list:
1.  Finish 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' series (yes, yes, yes)- Each book is better than the last.  I was so sad when I finished.
2. The Help (yes)- I finished this last weekend and am still thinking about the characters.  I'm counting down until the movie is released. 
3.  My Horizontal Life (yes)- As hilarious as you think it will be.
4. The Alchemist (no)
5.  Little Bee (no)

Also read...
1.  Chief Culture Officer -An interesting commentary on the newest addition to the "C-suite."  The author argues that the CCO (Chief Culture Officer) is a new necessity to all companies who want to stay fresh and current.  
2.  Delivering Happiness -The CEO of Zappos explains what it means to have profits, passion, and purpose in this very candid book about what it takes to start a company.

Next on my reading list:
1.  Let My People Go Surfing
2.  Room
3.  Tinkers
4.  The Hunger Games
5.  The Alchemist and Little Bee

Did any of you make a summer to do list?  How did it turn out?  Any books you care to recommend for my fall reading list?

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