Etsy Gift Guide

For all of you Etsy loving folks, I have put together this indie holiday guide.  You are sure to find the perfect gift whether you are looking for something sparkly, vintage, or inspiring.  So avoid cramped malls and support some struggling artists this season.
Images (from top left moving clockwise): | Maximum Fringe Necklace $68 | Fox Ring $58 | Pink Rose Quartz Ring $64 | Feather Necklace $140 | Simple Circle Bangle $45 | I heart California $55 | Mesh Knot Necklace $60

Images (from top left moving clockwise): | Everything is going to be ok $20 | don't hold back $10 | live what you love $30 | Cities-set of three prints $75 | Love Languages $25 |


  1. Ah it'd be so fun to buy all your gifts from Etsy. I just love these choices especially that umbrella bowl. Super unique.

  2. I like that paper pillow! I wonder if it would make me dream about homework though...


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