the best kind of impulse

As Alanis would say, "I've been a bad, bad girl."  During the season of giving, I did the most selfish thing a person could do.  I bought myself a gift.  Not just any gift though, an Eames rocker gift.  Now before you go and judge me for my overindulgence, let me plead my case.  First off, it was the "Deal of the Day" on HauteLook.  (Never heard of it?  Click the button on the right-hand side-bar of my lovely blog and sign up to get daily emails on AH-MAZING deals for fashion, get-aways, and home decor).  So, my purchase resulted in savings of $221. Secondly, it has been on my list for over a year.  And thirdly, when you see a room like Victoria's, how could not instantly want this classic piece of furniture.  
 image via Rue Magazine


  1. That chair is adorable. I love that site.. except that my Matt and Nat bag just came up! bummer.. but I stillll love it.!!

  2. Oh bummer! I HATE when that happens. I was eying the Matt and Nat bags as well. You'll have to show me in person in Jan!


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