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Against my better judgement, I am hosting New Year's Even in my tiny Berkeley apartment.  Although it will definitely not be the soiree of the season, I feel the overwhelming need to decorate my apartment for the event (Thrifty Gal style of course...).  My budget is $100 and my theme is Winter Wonderland (as you can tell from the above pictures), inspired by the Cup of Jo post here.  So far, I have managed to spend around $50 on decor, with the remaining budget for booze and food.

Here is my shopping list thus far:
1.  NYE in a box $8 from Walgreens
2.  White and gold garland $4 from Walgreens
3.  Large ribbon $5 from Walgreens
4.  Glitter snowflakes $8 from Safeway
5. 6 Taper candles $1.50 from Walgreens
6.  2 yards of batting (to use as fake snow on table tops) $13
7.  6 Champagne flutes $13 from World Market 
8.  20 multicolored ornaments $0.99 from Urban Outfitters
9.  4 additional NYE tiaras $3 from Walgreens

Other decor items I already had:
1.  3 Strands of white lights
2.  1 strand of star shaped lights from IKEA
3.  6 Clear wine bottles to use as candle holders
4.  fake Christmas tree

To keep things simple for booze, I'm going to offer 1 house drink, beer, and champagne.  How did I find so much decor for such great prices?  I bought everything before noon on December 26th.  I tried to stay away from malls, and was totally successful with everything I found.  I'll be sure to post pictures from the party before my apartment (and guests) have seen better days.  FYI, posts might be few and far between for the rest of the week since my bf is here visiting for the next 6 days!  What are your plans for New Year's Eve?

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  1. It looked great! Do you have any pics to post?


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