I know that you all love etsy, but have you heard of 20x200 (my new obsession for affordable and unique artwork)? The prints above are by San Francisco based Lisa Congdon. These prints in particular are from the artist's series consisting of photographs and illustrations of different groupings of objects (365 different groupings to be exact...the artist created a new print every day for an entire year).  Most images on the site can be purchased in 3 different sizes, starting at just $20 for an 8x10 print  and going up to $200 for 16x20.  I think it would be fabulous to buy 4 small prints for a frame wall, or one large print for an entryway.  In other art news, I found the flier below on Stylish Bird and am so excited to check it out.  Wanna join?


  1. I love etsy and I'm thankful you shared 20x200 site. I checked it out. Such an amazing artwork. Definitely I'll visit the site more often. Thanks for sharing! Have a good one!

  2. i really like your blog and all the ideas you offer!

    Also, thanks for sharing the 20x200 site-just the other day a friend was asking me of an affordable site to buy art-now i know!!



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