old is new

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In an attempt to make this blog more thrifty AND green, I thought I would write a reoccurring feature called "old is new."  Americans are notorious for not only consumption, but wastefulness as well.  Before I get on my soap box, let me tell you I am certainly guilty of this mindset just as much as the next person.  Instead of simply taking a dress I no longer wear to the tailor to turn it into a shirt, I donate it, and buy a new shirt (or worse, keep it stashed away in my closet).  However, this mentality is not only a waste of money, but also not a sustainable method of consumption.  Instead, we must be innovative and creative, seeking new purposes for old, unwanted items.  Now don't get me wrong, I love new things.  I love coming home from a successful day of shopping and deciding which item I am going to wear first.  However, I don't really need any more items of clothing, or really any additional material possessions for that matter, and am going to make a conscious effort to limit my spending and buy used goods whenever possible.  I will continue to write product roundups and fashion posts, but hopefully these posts utilize items you currently have, or inspire you to use what is currently hanging in your closet.

I love this idea of taking an old desk, removing the drawers and using them as frames.  All you would need would be some black spray paint and your imagination


  1. love this new series! the above is so clever...and it looks awesome too!


  2. Amazing idea...I really want to do this!


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