fly like an eagle

I'm getting all packed up tonight for my trip to the Midwest.  While I'm so very excited for the trip, the idea of traveling for eight hours is a little daunting.  But, traveling is always so much more enjoyable when you have fabulous luggage to show off.  I love the bright colors and cheeky prints of these organizational pieces (No. 3 is my personal favorite...it is sure to eliminate awkward elbow bumping with my seat partner while I'm trying to untangle electronic cords).  Do you have any travel tips must pack items for your carry-on?


  1. i took a redeye to nyc in the fall, and i broke down and bought one of those kidney-shaped neck pillows beforehand. i'm terrible when it comes to sleeping on planes, and it definitely made a difference! it's my new travel companion :)

  2. i am loving this collection of travel goodies! i do quite a bit of traveling for my job and am always on the hunt for things to travel in style! :)


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