flats for days

 | 1. Two Toned Flat $64 | 2. Mulberry Maryjane $58 | 3. Mercer Flat $52 | 4. Oxford $88 | 5. Maryjane Bow $96 |
I pretty much live in flats for many reasons.  Reason #1: I don't care what you say, they are more comfortable than heels.  Reason #2:  It prevents me from towering over 99% of the population.  Reason #3: They are so darn cute, especially these from Marais USA (officially my new shoe obsession).  What, you say?  Under $100 for adorable work shoes?  Yeah, I'll take one of each.


  1. I'm currently obsessed with Marais USA shoes - I've already spotted a pair I want for this spring.

    Hope to see you Thursday night!

  2. i love marais shoes...do you know how they fit? i have been nervous about ordering in case they don't fit!


  3. adore marais! They make me feel like I need to get my life together asap. They graduated from Parsons too..they have obviously found their way while I went down one path and now have to find another! Hopefully I'll find my way soon!!


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