Small Spaces

I love posting gorgeous lofts with open floor plans just as much as the next blogger, but it's hard to find their utility while I still think ramen is a suitable side dish.  Let's be real, I need inspiration for small spaces on a budget.  I'm currently looking periodically at places in LA just to see what's out there, and a studio is definitely on the table.  I loved living by myself, but it's so darn expensive.  So, a studio becomes a great alternative.  Unfortunately, it can be rather difficult to master the art of creating 3 rooms (bedroom, living room, dining room) out of 1 room, but I think Paul has it mastered.  Now this is a home tour I find truly inspiring! (via Apartment Therapy)


  1. Oh, it's so so perfect! Love it!!!

  2. He has done such a great job. Not only has he mastered 3 rooms in one he has created a space that doesn't look cluttered or messy. LOVE


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