Spring 2011: 70's Comeback

 via Omiru
The 70s are back in all of their Boogie Nights glory.  That's right, high waisted pants, flowing skirts, chunky sandals, and LOTS of chiffon are making their comeback this spring. Time to raid your mama's Goodwill sack up in the attic and channel your inner Disco Diva.  Key pieces include...(but OBVIOUSLY are not limited to) pant suits, floppy hats, fringed accessories, and jumpsuits (love a good jumpsuit, hate going to the bathroom while wearing one...can I get an "awk-ward").  How to keep the look current?  Instead of succumbing to mustards and browns, select 70s pieces in strong neutrals like black or navy.  Check out that lady below for some inspiration, because she OWNS this look.
Asos has a great collection of 70s inspired pieces...here are my favorites, even if some are a bit over the top (I'm talking to you, Palazzo Pants).
| Sunglasses $23 | Jumpsuit $80 | Belt $27 | Bag $45 | Palazzo Pant $72 | Hat $45 | 


  1. She sure owns the look! Loved this post!!!

    A Journey to Style

  2. Man I love when the 70s fashion inspirations roll around! Love the photo and I love your pics! That wide brim hat must be mine!!!


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